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What the participants took away from KMUK 2010

Before I go on….a big THANK YOU!!! to all of our speakers, chairs, panellists, sponsors, award winners, award nominees, tweeters, bloggers, photographers and participants at KMUK2010 on Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th June at De Vere Canary Wharf. All of you made the event as successful as it was.

I would write up the event here but I know that full write-ups will soon appear in both Inside Knowledge and Library & Information Update magazines, so, instead, I will leave you with a list of takeaways from the event, as offered by participants during the final session on the second day during one of the floor discussions.

Where a take-away was mentioned twice, these have been aggregated into one.

If you were at the event and I have missed any of the takeaways off, please let me know!

We will announce dates for KMUK 2011 soon…watch this space!

1)     Role of leadership

2)     Social media – and its impact on KM, how young people are using the technology and understand its nuances

3)     Start small, with small-scale projects

4)     Pick out the cash, link to cash benefits

5)     Be more strategic, examine risks to the organisation

6)     Look at internal crowdsourcing with customers and suppliers

7)     KM is/needs to redefine itself

8)     Current economy means (hopefully?) loss of control by IT – opportunity to exploit informal tools which make life easier

9)     Expect anomalies (Dave Snowden’s talk)

10) Understand 2.0 People

11) Align KM with the organisational strategy and ROI

12) Use narrative to capture learning

13) Importance of the trivial for business relationships

14) Sense-making for business

15) Feel sad at people not talking, duplication of work, would have liked talk from a librarian

16) We’re all struggling with the same stuff

17) Ground things in reality

18) Storytelling

19) It’s about what people already do

20) Learn from mistakes

21) Engage with people

22) No hard numbers achieved but realise that you need all elements of the people, process, technology triangle

23) KM is changing in a rapidly changing world

24) KM needs to change and become more specific to organisational issues


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