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After KMUK…

…there will still be a couple of things to look forward to! Specifically Ark will be hosting two KM/social media related masterclasses in July in London.

The first masterclass, led by Ron Young, who has been a member of the UK Parliamentary Information Technology Committe since 1985, will expand on a theme developed at KMUK to look at the four dimensions of KM, not just personal KM but also team KM, organisational KM and inter-organisational KM. Ron will show you how to ensure that all 4 layers of KM are in sync to ensure that your programme succeeds. This masterclass takes place on Tuesday 13th July.


The second masterclass will expand on the social media theme at KMUK 2010 and will act as “An HR Guide to Social Media”. The issues around social media and how it relates with HR policy are complicated, and in many companies, policy and management lags behind technology growth and user uptake. At this class, hosted by Kathryn Corrick & Steve Bridger, participants will gain a clearer understanding  of all the HR implications relating to social media and will leave the event  able to write their own social media policy. This class takes place on Thursday 29th July.


To attend either masterclass, please visit the Ark Group website at www.ark-group.com.


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