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Whisperings on the grapevine: a KM Unconference?

We’re back, sorry for the silence but we’ve been thinking….and something very exciting has come of this.

We’re thinking of running our first Unconference.

Yes that’s right, we’re scrapping the powerpoint, engaging the brain (yours mostly) and gathering you together to talk!

Our thoughts are as follows: It will not be a conference, it will be a one-day participative event where you will be a participant not an attendee. You will be key to the content on the day, key to determining what you take away and key to making sure we all benefit from the wisdom of the crowd.

Not for the faint-hearted, participants should come armed with stories and contributions and be prepared to be a part of a proactive day of collaborative business learning facilitated by David Gurteen.

But what will separate this day from any other interactive debate or focus group? That’s simple, the facilitators and you!

As a teaser, we will be featuring social knowledge management as a topic, and we’re currently researching other themes.

This is where you start to get involved: If there are any topics that you feel should be covered, please blog, get in touch with me directly at vsimbulan@ark-group.com or call me on 020 7566 5263. I look forward to hearing your comments, nominations, involvements.



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