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Your thoughts and feedback are essential

Hello again!

I’m mid-way through writing another blog post on training and the enlightening session we had at #KCUK09 from Nick Davies.

In the meantime I just wanted to ask for your thoughts and feedback over the two days and what we should be looking to do in the future.

I’m due to have a KCUK debrief next week and would love to take your feedback with me. (For those of you who filled in feedback forms – unfortunately, these are currently being collated off site so I can’t take these with me.)

If you don’t want to post it here, send me a message either at kchin@ark-group.com or DM me on Twitter or Facebook.

Have a great weekend,




  Ben Plouviez wrote @

Hi Kathryn! A few scattered thoughts:

First, a genuinely useful event. Too many keynotes from vendors, but other sessions worthwhile. But most of the event was geared towards us punters sitting and listening and asking occasional questions: and that’s not good enough any more. So here’s some thoughts for more engagement:

Wifi and power!

Interaction with and through social media – no need for a full “unconference”, there is always merit in hearing thought leaders, but that doesn’t mean everything has to be PPT-astic. Why not show Tweets in real time? Have Q&A through twitter or FB so that others can take part from around the world? Good advertising for Ark and much more interactive!

And I greatly appreciate what you’ve done personally, including in this blog page, to keep the discussions going before and particularly after the conference. That should be an automatic part of the whole conference experience.

Best wishes and good luck with your debrief!


  kathrynatark wrote @

Hi Ben!

Thanks for the feedback. Wifi is definitely on the list of things to do! (Already in talks to get Wifi at our 9th annual Knowledge and information management for the public sector event in September.) I think the plan is to give KCUK a makeover for 2010 but spend the next year finding out what participants want to hear about.

Also, we did think about the Twitter feed but then, as Sam Marshall put it: “felt like we were mumbling asides to each other without being shhh’d :)”. It made me wonder if people may be a little uncomfortable with their Tweets being there for all to see. That’s partly why the blog was conceived. We want to provide a central place for people to talk but we are looking in to some free feed reporting technologies.

  Helen Nicol wrote @

Hi Kathryn

Things I would like to see at the conference:
-Semi structured workshops for sharing knowledge on specific topics
-Network analysis – both social network analysis and value network analysis
-Links between knowledge management and learning ie informal learning, embedding org stories in training etc
-Getting engagement, benefits management, selling to leaders
-Using champions to embed good KM behaviours
-Examples of how KM has solved real bvusiness issues (eg Bonnie Cheung session).

I guess less IT for IT’s sake, more about what can be done with a balance between people, processes and technologies…

The networking sessions could do with some focus too – I guess its easier to talk to people sat on your table so maybe have a table based chat session during the breaks?

Enough from me…good luck with it

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